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About weblorry

Weblorry is the Transport Management System which allows users to manage all their logistic information in one place to get a hassle free and easy experience for a long term. Weblorry gives their users the increased visibility for their logistic uses and let them have a better management over their business. It can be used as a combined platform to manage all the stuff that there is in the logistic business. Our mission is to make things better and easier for the users and help them grow in their business. With Weblorry one can manage a range of trucks and have no hassle in doing so. With all the things in one place for a user to manage what else one could ask for and that's' exactly what we are dedicated to deliver. Weblorry offers different kind of packages to its users and they can have plenty of choices among these packages.



With a great design and module, you will get a perfect dashboard to manage all your wok related tasks with Weblorry.

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Load management

With the very discrete load management system, Weblorry makes it very easy for you to manage all your work in a single space. As it is much easier, it is also simple at the same time to use. All the load information is at one place so you don't have to toggle here and there.

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Consigner Management

From adding new consigner to the new invoice, everything is in one place. Every single details of the consigner can be found here without any hassle. You have the option of the consigner's information to the invoice on a single page.

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Truck Management

Manage the incoming and outgoing of truck goods. Manage trip related tasks such as scheduling trips, assigning drivers, and giving trip advances among many others.

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Driver Management

Maintain a record of the driver and their vehicles in one place to access. To adding the driver's information to all the drivers' information, everything is seamless and perfect for one to manage.

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